Anyone guaranteeing to rank you on the 1st Page of Google in less than 6 months is talking sh*t and is certainly not using “Google safe” methods to get you there.

UPDATED: 29th March 2024

Sounds harsh right?!

But unfortunately we hear it all too often…

Clients who’ve been promised the world (and a #1 Google Ranking), and been under-serviced, over-promised or flat out lied to.

We’ve been in this game long enough to know that guaranteeing an SEO ranking is nothing more than clickbait for small businesses who don’t know any better.

Instead, what we guarantee are relative results.

Bumping your listing from page 40 to page 1 – that’s a win.

Driving 1,000s of extra visits to your site every month – win.

Writing content that converts browsers into buyers once they hit your website – massive win!

There are other ways to win with SEO than ranking #1 on Google’s search.

Sure, a page 1 Google ranking is sexy as hell.

Like a Ferrari.

But it’s not the only criteria you should be judging success by.

That Ferrari is great – unless you’ve got 7 kids, 2 dogs and go camping every weekend.

Then it’s nothing more than a vanity metric collecting dust in your garage.

What you need is a 7-seater SUV with roof racks and trunk space.

Less sexy perhaps, but hella effective for YOUR situation.

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WTH is a ‘Money Keyword”?

You see, many agencies will try ranking your site for what’s known as ‘long-tail keywords’.

These are longer search terms that someone might search in Google.

For instance: ‘best search engine optimisation service for female hairdressers in ringwood’

That’s a very specific search term right?!

And sometimes these are great for SEO ranking.

Other times, they are next to useless – even though you might rank on the 1st page of Google for that term.

Because only a handful of people have ever searched that exact term.

Get it?

Some agencies will promise you #1 Ranking and then rank you for useless keywords with negligible search volume.

This is like asking for bread and being handed a bag of flour.

Kinda what you wanted… but not really.

We want your business to rank for keywords that people actually search for!

Better yet – keywords that BUYERS search for.

That way, every search gets you results.

You want bread – we give you a foot long.

This is what we call Money Keywords.

Google search terms that:

  • Buyers use when looking to purchase products you sell
  • Engage the right audience at the right time in the buying cycle
  • Real human beings actually search for
  • Have a higher chance of converting to site visits, engagement and sales

Essentially, keywords that put money in your business.

But keywords are only one aspect of SEO.

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In fact, finding people who are searching for your business on Google (or Bing, but yeah… Google) are merely the beginning!

Once we ‘get the click’ the real magic begins.

Now we work on taking this click – a real human who may be a total stranger to your business – on a journey through your business.

Did your parents ever promise you something for Christmas…

And you were excited for months!

Then on Christmas morning you excitedly opened your gift and…

Got books.

Instead of G.I Joe.

This same disappointment is what prospects feel when you promise them something on Google…

…and then they hit your website to find something completely different.

Stop disappointing potential buyers!!

Your website – from the home page to specific content pages – must deliver on the promises of your Google listing.

This is the real magic of SEO.

Optimising your entire site to deliver exactly what your browsers expect when they follow a search to your site.

When your browsers get that G.I Joe on Christmas morning – they light up!

They wanted something, and you gave it to them.

This is how we turn browsers into buyers.

And total strangers into 5-star reviews.



Paul and Insiteful are a part of our business now and in the future. The cost was excellent value for the level of exceptional service received.

We will happily speak to anyone who wants to know more about our experience and Insiteful.

John Kenny / Home Loan Cash Back

Paul and the team really know their stuff, they understand what you require, and they work with you to get the desired results.

The DRS team and myself have found Paul and the team at Insiteful to be very knowledgeable, obliging, friendly and most importantly, are always there to support.

Steve Wooten / Dynamic Retail Solutions

Insiteful are not only the most professional and accountable SEO company we have dealt with, but they constantly deliver amazing results.

Our traffic has increased by 86% since they’ve worked on our site and they got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page.

Nick Defazio / Dashcams Australia


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